TrvpBeez - Super Saiyan | @__TrvpBeez

This one is a must listen from Atlanta's TrvpBeez. The record is called "SuperSaiyan" and it's really out of this world. Soon as you hit play best thing I can say is try to keep up. Hit play and vibe out to TrvpBeez.

New Video- Jeezy Mula - Get Back

In the rap game, there are artists who take an unexpected leave of absence for 1 or 2 reasons. Either they fell off or got caught up in the system, in the case of Brooklyn born Jeezy Mula, he's away on what we'll call an extended vacation.

Dropping his single "Get Back" in early 2017, he's doing a special re-release of the viral hit and music video. He's making sure the streets know that he has no intentions of going anywhere. When it comes to his love for Hip-Hop and the art of the hustle, Jezzy Mula is all in.

Expected to be back on the scene and home from prison in 2018 after catching bank fraud related charges, Jeezy Mula is influencing Hip-Hop the way characters such as Nino Brown and Money Mitch did on the 90's. Jeezy Mula's lifestyle has assisted him in gathering the support of the NYC Hip-Hop scene and has lead to meetings of signing with Meek Mill who is also now behind bars. The moral fiber of what Jeezy Mula represents is what sets fashio…

Trae G is "On A Mission" Video | @TheRealTraeG

Make sure you check out "On A Mission" visual from Carolina's Trae G. He's elevating to another level and it's time to take off. Check'em out in the Hollywood hills.

Young Roc ft. Nasaan - "Gone Til November" @iamyoungroc

Young Roc is a Detroit based artist/producer and CEO of Datyrp Records. He is already considered to be among Detroit's elite artists/producers. He is a protege of D12 member Denaun Porter. Interestingly enough, Young Roc was one of the artists standing behind Eminem during Em's BET Cypher. Check out his visuals for "Gone Til November," featuring Nasaan.

[Video] Peezie Parker - Bossalinie (Dir by Rodney Cooper Filmz) @1984_Parker @cooperfilmz

New Video
Peezie Parker - Bossalinie (Dir by Rodney Cooper Filmz)Watch now on YouTube Connected
Peezie Parker
Instagram: Cooper Filmz

Gineaux "Neauxvember" Video | @teatreeneaux

It's only the start of Gineaux. His visual for his record "Neauxvember" is next level. Which I truly enjoyed watching. The video takes place in a magical forest. Gineaux seems very interested in this gypsy walking through the area. One thing for sure she caught his eye and he has full his full attention on her. Perfect timing on dropping this one in the month of December. Tune in to this movie below.

Bobbi Jones - 'H8 Myself' | @inez98

Bobbi Jones is a 19 year old singer born and raised in Joliet, Illinois. She grew up with a passionate love for music. Anything that was some form of art, she invested herself in it. Her dad was a big influence for her love of music, solely because he would play his music extremely loud and he knew every word to every song, seeing her dads love for it encouraged her to love it as much as he did. She grew up listening to rap & hip hop with her dad while she spent just as much time listening to r&b and soul with her mom. As she grew older, her taste in genres began to vary. Country, rock, and soul, she loved it all. Bobbi was always in love with creating art but it wasn't until recently when she decided to step into a booth and share the outcome with the world. Bobbi is definitely something special. She's surely on the rise to change lives with her work.