#NewHeat | Pappose - "Black Love ft. Nathaniel" @Papooseonline

During strenuous times in the Black Community where Black men and women are victims of police brutality and killings, music is often the soundtrack of our times. Hip-Hop has transcended over time from a political message to material things and now Hip-Hop is doing a “360” with Papoose’s newest single, Black Love” ft Nathaniel.  Papoose and his wife Remy Ma embody the “Black Love” movement with family, love and affection for each on the his show, Love and Hip-Hop :New York and social media sites.  Papoose's newest single, “Black Love” is homage not only to Black love, but to Black women everyone. The lyrics lift up Black women and remind us of that old school hip-hop flavor from the 1980’s that had women falling in love with Hip-Hop in the first love. What do you think of Papoose’s, Black Love ft. Nathaniel? 


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