The Sun's Tirade Review

Tirade - a long, angry speech, usually of criticism or accusation.

        And that's exactly what Isaiah Rashad's "The Sun's Tirade" is. While the sun isn't inherently good or bad, it can certainly feel like a tirade. In the same vein, Rashad's beaming emotions bleed through as he details the past two years, ranting like the sun. He covers everything from T.D.E co-president Dave Free pressuring to have his album in to temporary addiction.

Rashad works with several producers from his debut EP "Cilvia Demo" and of course includes features from the T.D.E family among others. A great sophomore presentation "The Sun's Tirade" is evidence of (Zay's) creative process being worth the wait. The album is jazzy and reminiscent of the nineties coupled with Rashad's southern dialect.

He catches us in his hooks with tracks like "Tity and Dolla" and voices the thoughts of he's fans in "Brenda" with lyrics like "I write pissed a** livin', f**k that sh** f**k call centers, f**k is this really growin' up my nigga? Tax on your motherf**kin nuts my nigga. 10.25 what the f**k can a ni** do with 10.25? Plus your weed habit plus my weed habit and your weed habit. At the same time Rashad delivers music for the "viberz" in "Free Lunch" and "Park". This album is indeed that Boosie with that boom bap. It's a classic. It's real rap.

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