Chuck Die$el - "Cash Cash" | @ChuckDiiesel

Ohio Rap artist Chuck Die$el has just announced the release of his latest single, “Cash Cash". Self-written and produced, the new jingle is loaded with free flowing lyricism and a feel good instrumental. Chuck has been writing and rapping since the age of ten. One day on a visit to grandma's house with his cousins, he was placed into a rhyme battle with cousin D'Shae. This became the early stages of the Midwest artist budding music pursuit. From there on out, a beast was created.

Over the next decade or so, it was like nothing but the music mattered. C received a boombox as a gift from his mother, which he used to tune into Cleveland's 107.9. It would be a rare occasion to spot him anywhere but next to that radio from that point. His mother had to threaten to get rid of it just to keep the young artist from staying up on school nights listening to the music. During homework time the radio would be blasting and in between decimals and fractions that he would bang out the rhythm of the beat with the tapping of his pencil. Listen to "Cash Cash" below and stay tuned for more from the upcoming artist.



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