Introducing Denver’s #1 Hip Hop Duo - Top Flite Empire

Top Flite Empire has a diverse appeal, from coast to coast and across middle America. Uplifting and energetic, the duo has a lyrical and creative sound.
Despite challenges faced by both members through their lives, they have turned their adversity into a drive and passion that feeds their music.

Their backgrounds, stories, talent, and drive draw fans in and give them something to relate to and enjoy — something that takes them to a better place no matter what they’re dealing with in their lives.

The duo is gearing up for a re-release of their debut album ‘Bad Decisions’ which will include new tracks and visuals.  Ahead of the release DoapHouse caught up with Top Flite Empire, check it out below.

DH - You’ve been deemed the #1 hip hop duo by your hometown (Colorado) but for those that do not know you.  How would you describe your artist brand, sound and approach to music?

We're as real as it comes, though some may see us as a paradox because some days we just turn up and other days we're ultra-conscious, sometimes we beef and sometimes we love. We're just "reality" music. We don't like to be boxed in to styles and trends. We do what feels good and what represents us. We approach our music using real life situations and emotions that correspond with the song. To be honest, with everything that occurred in our lives last past year, we started to approach music and shows like it's our last.  You never know when your time is up, so you might as well leave it all on the track or stage.

DH- On March 3rd you’re re-releasing Bad Decisions what can people expect with this new drop?

We're always going to deliver the turn up, high energy tracks for the fans, but if you listen closely, we're still giving you you the crazy bars and life stories with a little bit of the IDGAF attitude. You're basically taken through the world of Bad Decisions we've made from girls, to industry choices, to money, to parties, to addictions, etc. You'll also hear about how we reflect upon those situations. For this re-release, we've also added a few new tracks, including one that takes you on the emotional journey we've all been on, feeling like you've died a thousand times trying to get what you love.

DH-  The initial release of Bad Decisions debuted at #8 on iTunes and you guys had barely any promo going, what was is like to see that the music spoke for itself?

As an artist, all you want in life is for people from all over the world to hear your music world. So to see Bad Decisions hit #8 on iTunes and #1 on Billboard Heatseekers was dope. During the weeks leading up to the album release, we were both sitting in the hospital almost all day, every day, and at that point, you kinda lose sight of shit like rap. But when everything still comes together at the end, it makes you feel like you didn't put in all the hours and do all the work for nothing. Like there's something bigger to all this. For people to support us like that helped us to get through the pain in our personal lives. But even though we hit these goals, we've still got a lot of work to do and hope that we can give this project the wings it deserves for all the effort that went into it.

DH- I learned that both of you experienced some tough times around that initial release, could you talk about them and how/what you did to get through it?

We were sitting in the studio with Dem Jointz, who's produced everyone from Brandy to Rihanna to Christina Aguilera and most recently Dre's Compton album, working on Wave (our track with King Los) when Hypnautic found out his son might have leukemia. The shit was unreal.

(Hypnautic) I’m normally a positive dude, so I tried to stay that way, but the situation had me hella fucked up. As bad as leukemia sounds, my son, Adrian, ended up getting a diagnosed with aplastic anemia, which is even more rare and some would say way worse. I spent the whole of last year delusional and in what I would describe as a fog. I would go from the studio, to a show or club appearance and right back to hospital. I drown a bit of it out with liquor to help the pain and escape from the reality of it all, but I had to pull out of that for his sake. It was honestly GOD, music and my family that got us through it.

(King Tef) On my end, during the weeks prior to the album release, my mom had to go in for her last check on a brain aneurysm to make sure the coiling procedure was successful. For me, being in the hospital has been almost a second home, from me having cancer, to my brother passing from kidney failure, and now dealing with my mom's situation. At a point, it just wears on you. It becomes hard to pay attention to some shit like being out, being social, and doing all the things most rappers do. So to have something like that come at a time when you've got work to do and should be excited about something you put so much heart into, just really puts your mind in another spot. But like Hyp said, God, Music and family got us through.

DH-  There is a lot of aspiring talent that also face times of adversity, having gone through it yourself what is some advice you can offer to others to keep motivated?

Music has always been our therapy and what keeps our head above water in the hardest of times. Our advice would be: It's the times of adversity that make you, YOU.

King Tef - Don't be afraid to show what makes you who you are. These situations build who you are and why you do what you do. Everybody else will have opinions, but everyone else didn't go through what you did. So be yourself and use that adversity as fuel for success.

Hypnautic - I will never forget when my best friend died playing Russian Roulette in front of me and my other two brothers. I thought my life was over. Later I came to realize it was that situation that became the one event that gave me the strength to become a leader and a beast with music. I would have never been able to follow my dreams without that situation as motivation.

DH-  Where can fans get the new re-release of your project and stay connected with you on social?

Spotify, iTunes, Pandora, Tidal, GooglePlay, and Apple Music all have our music! You can find us at Top Flite Empire - and make sure you spell it Flite! The album is Bad Decisions. We're on all social media @TopFliteEmpire and our website is

Be sure to cop the re-release of Top Flite Empire’s ‘Bad Decisions’ album on March 3rd and watch their video “Party Like Mia” HERE


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