Lil Wop - 'Wake N Bake' (Hosted by Dj Holiday) | @LilWop17

With an Appearance from Famous Dex and Production from Zaytoven and Samba Beatz, the Tape is a Bright, Colorful Snapshot of a Rising Young Talent.

An eccentric up-and-comer who stands out even among the crowded Atlanta scene, Lil Wop demands attention with his off-kilter delivery. Dropping a fun-sized treat for the heads on 4/20, Wop delivers Wake-N-Bake, his latest mixtape. Though it boasts production from Zaytoven on the opening track, the tape is a showcase of the chemistry between Wop and his frequent collaborator Samba Beatz. 

In contrast to the sinister, bombastic sound of most trap music, Samba and Wop's collaborations vibrate with joy, with the producer providing candy-colored synths for Wop to paint over with his rhymes. Featuring appearances from Famous Dex, Malachie Warren, Duwap Kaine, Cocaine P, and CubanDoll, Wake-N-Bake is an ideal soundtrack for an early morning smoke session.


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