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Explain who you are for those who don’t know you?
I’m PoloGang DB a 23 year old artist from a small city in the Midwest.

Where are you from?
Toledo, Ohio. The Mud, The Glass City whatever u wanna call it

What is it like growing up where your from?
It’s a small city but it’s a lot going on at the same time you feel me. Everybody kinda know everybody and that’s good and bad it’s a lot of love here but it’s also a lot of hate and it be from people you grew up with people who Mama best friends with your mama that type of thing. Growing up here in the hood like every other hood you see a lot early. A lot of dudes you ride bikes with when you 8 ain’t there no more at 18 its a lot of violence police fucking with people. Everybody where I come from on my side experience struggle in some type of way everybody just tryna make a way for they self. It’s a lot of young dudes here getting money really having it now though we on the rise for sure.

How did you get into music?
My dad sing and he had a lil home studio for as long as I can remember I think me just always being around music it was just gone happen at some point I always had a ear for it.

What is it that you do?
I really rap I paint pictures I sell emotion. what I mean by that is I’m not just throwing shit together just to make a song my mind won’t even let me I gotta say something it’s always a message. I ain’t on no Kendrick Lamar or Lupe Fiasco shit but my music gotta mean something I can’t rap about shit I ain’t got and all that glamorous stuff cause I’m still going through real live situations everyday.

What are your goals? 
My goals really is just to keep making good music and trying to stay consistent I think that’s the key nowadays people attention span so short you gotta stay in they face or you get passed up by somebody hungrier.

What are you currently working on?
I’m currently finishing a solo project I ain’t announced it yet cause I don’t want people rushing me to put it out when it’s done I’ll announce it. Also working with my group PoloGang we always working it’s hard to get everybody in one spot but lately we been making it work we got a lot of stuff coming real soon.

How do you feel about the current state of HipHop?
Its a lot of hard new artist coming out but it’s a lot of bullshit being pushed now but you know the real talent usually stay around the other stuff get cycled in and out It’s a quantity game now not quality that’s where I struggle I can’t go make 10 songs in a day freestyling I rather make 2 or 3 songs and really take my time just gotta find that balance.

What makes you DOAP?
I just think I’m different I don’t really sound like anybody else. The stuff I’m saying you only gone hear from me cause it’s my story I ain’t tryna tell nobody else story but mines.

Anything else that you would like to add? 
Yeah I wanna s/o all the other artist in my city grinding cause I feel like when artist from the city do get on any platform we dont vouch like we should some of the best artist I know from Toledo. S/O of course the rest of my group PoloGang we streaming everywhere go run our numbers up. S/O Nuk and the whole NBMG. Rocky Duh he just dropped a hard ass album called FLAWS. Suron Beatz, DeDe Porter, Supa J, Dre P, Draco, RCE Rob, CMB, Truss Bands, Meko, and YHS Cr8zi and it’s some young dudes who hot too Lil DM3, Yung O, Red Bandanna, LuKy, & PA Dee I know I’m forgetting people but that’s off the top of my head who active right now and all them hard.

You can follow me on Twitter that’s where I’m at the most @DB_DiBiase and on IG @pg_db


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